The Reality of Workplace Automation in Healthcare – the Good and the Bad

Workplace automation has rapidly evolved from software programs to robots, who possess the ability to make intelligent decisions without a human. Implementing workplace automation can lower operating expenses by redeploying people, automating manual tasks, reducing human error, and providing data intelligence. However, there are organizational and financial considerations that will impact short and long-term success. […]

How Does Your Revenue Cycle Impact a Winning Healthcare Growth Strategy?

When putting together growth strategies, often revenue cycle is not considered and that can negatively impact your projections. Join our discussion of what needs to be considered in your proforma to have a holistic projection. You will get a comprehensive understanding of revenue cycle and how to include it in your planning models. The power […]

Webinar: The Digital Front Door & The Healthcare Consumer

Patients are no longer defined by just their clinical records – they represent a complex collection of preferences, needs, demographics and socioeconomic factors. As consumer expectations have grown, the ability […]