New England Society for Healthcare Strategy (NESHS)
WEBINAR: Designing and Optimizing Operations to Ensure Timely Access and High Value Care
Achieving high quality, safe care in a financially constrained environment is a prerequisite for sustainability for today’s healthcare providers.
WEBINAR: Drug Pricing Under the Trump Administration
While President Trump has vowed to control drug costs under his administration, private payers and providers are acting now to address this through transparency mandates and outcome-based drug pricing.
Save the Date: Fall Conference
Details will be available late August.
WEBINAR: Transforming Healthcare From Within the Exam Room and Beyond: Virtual Care Teams
The United States healthcare system has created the perfect equation for self-destruction: continued shortages in physician supply + increasing demand in patient care services + increasing tasks placed on physicians + change in reimbursement = unmanageable expectations that lead to an unsustainable care delivery model.
New England Society for Healthcare Strategy (NESHS)
New England Society for Healthcare Strategy (NESHS)

Save the Date - Fall Conference

Friday, October 20, 2017

Details will be available early September.

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New England Society for Healthcare Strategy (NESHS)