New England Society for Healthcare Strategy (NESHS)
WEBINAR: Medical Staff Development Planning: Reading Between the Lines
The Medical Staff Development Plan (MSDP) is essential for ensuring the organization has the right provider compliment to fulfill its overall strategic plan.
WEBINAR: Mobile App Enabled Non-Medical Personnel's Role in Value-based Health Care
Care transitions are taking center stage in healthcare redesign. Delivery and staffing models are evolving to look at new workforces that can drive system redesign.
WEBINAR: Managing Your Career in Healthcare Strategy: Thoughts from an Executive Recruiter
What do you want from your career? Is your career advancing as you had hoped? This presentation will address career advancement strategy, skill sets and experiences that employers look for from a healthcare strategist, and provide an overview of the overall recruitment process.
WEBINAR: Financial Evaluation of Single-Patient ICU Rooms - Comparison of Additional Expenses with Cost Savings from Reductions in Nosocomial Infections
Although recent efforts to improve health care quality and safety in the U.S. have led to major progress in preventing nosocomial infections, there is still a considerable need for improvement in this area due to the hundreds of thousands of preventable nosocomial infections that occur every year.
New England Society for Healthcare Strategy (NESHS)
New England Society for Healthcare Strategy (NESHS)

Susan Fahmy, NESHS President
Beth Greenspan, 2015 NESHS Strategist of the Year

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New England Society for Healthcare Strategy (NESHS)